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Red Rash on English Bulldogs Belly?

Red Rash on English Bulldogs Belly?

Question: Hello, it seems like recently my 12 week old English Bulldog puppy has developed a red rash on his belly. What should I do?

The BigBulldog: Don’t panic, a red rash localized on your puppies belly more often that not may be due to his or her belly brushing against the grass. Often times there are pesticides/ fertilizers on the grass and will cause an irritation on the little ones belly when he touches it.

My first advice would be to wipe it off with a damp rag or rinse it off each time your pup plays or makes contact with the grass. Also you can go to your local drug store and purchase over the counter (Hydro Cortisone Cream) Apply 2 times per day until the rash is gone.

If this doesn’t work I advise you to consult your Veterinarian.