Bulldog Puppies for Sales - FAQS


Things you need to know before you purchase an English or French bulldog.

These statements are merely my opinion and remedies that have proven to do well for me in using them on my Bulldogs.This information is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any illness in your Bulldog. Please consult your Veterinarian before administering any medication/ therapies and or home remedies. We do not administer, distribute of sell prescription drugs. Please consult your Veterinarian for access to any of these suggested items.

How much does a french bulldog cost? The cost of a French bulldog can vary widely. Still, they can range from $2,000 to $7,000 or more, depending on their bloodline, breeder reputation, and location. Expect to pay more for a show-quality French bulldog with distinctive markings or colors. It's important to only purchase from a reputable breeder to ensure the health and well-being of the puppy.
Are french bulldogs good with kids?

French bulldogs are great with children and are known for their affectionate and playful personalities. They make great family pets and are patient and gentle with kids. However, as with any breed, proper socialization and supervision are essential to ensure a safe and happy relationship between dogs and children.

When do french bulldogs stop growing? French bulldogs typically stop growing between 9-12 months of age, reaching a total adult weight of 16-28 pounds (7-13 kg). While their physical growth may slow, they continue to mature and develop mentally and emotionally until they are around 2-3 years old.
How to train a french bulldog?

Training a French bulldog can be done through positive reinforcement techniques, such as rewarding good behavior with treats and praise. Consistency, patience, and understanding of the breed's personality are key to success. Early socialization and obedience training can help prevent behavioral issues. It's important to use gentle, non-punitive training methods and never to use physical force or aggression.

What makes a French Bulldog such a popular breed? French bulldogs are popular due to their small size, affectionate and playful personalities, and low exercise requirements. They are also known for their distinctive "bat ears," which many find adorable. Frenchies are adaptable and make great apartment dogs, but they enjoy outdoor activities with their families. They are also known for being easy to train and good with children. Additionally, their unique appearance and charming personalities have made them popular for celebrities and trendsetters, further fueling their popularity.
Do French bulldogs drool?

Drooling is not a universal characteristic of the French Bulldog. They tend to drool a bit after eating or drinking. They can also slobber when they are excited or overheated. This is due to their short snouts and tendency to pant more heavily than other breeds in order to cool themselves down.