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English Bulldogs Lilac and Grey


At, we know just how much color can enhance the already unique personality of an English bulldog. Among the most visually striking shades are those of the lilac English bulldog and the captivating grey English bulldog. These colors aren’t just a treat for the eyes but often represent a lineage of rare bulldogs with distinct genetic compositions.

Spotting the Difference: Lilac vs Grey

The lilac English bulldog has a unique shade, often a blend of chocolate and blue hues, presenting a rich and distinct appearance that sets it apart. On the other hand, the grey English bulldog exhibits a more uniform, cool-toned shade that exudes sophistication and elegance. While both shades may seem similar at first glance, their subtle differences can be appreciated with a keen eye.

Price Point: Investing in Rare Shades

Regarding the English bulldog price, rare colors can often influence the value. Given the uncommon nature of lilac and grey bulldogs, they might be priced differently compared to more common colors. However, at, we ensure pricing transparency, always putting our bulldogs’ well-being and quality first.

The Rare and The Unique: Blue Merle English Bulldog

Diving deeper into the world of colored bulldogs, the blue merle English bulldog stands out with its patchy, often mottled coat. Combined with the lilac or grey shade, this rare pattern results in a genuinely extraordinary and sought-after appearance.

What makes the lilac and grey English bulldogs unique?

Apart from their visually striking colors, lilac and grey bulldogs often come from a lineage with a unique genetic composition, making them special in the bulldog world.

How can I differentiate between a lilac and a grey English bulldog?

While both shades might seem similar, the lilac shade often carries hints of chocolate and blue, whereas grey bulldogs have a more consistent cool-toned appearance.

Are the lilac and grey bulldogs priced higher than other colors?

The English bulldog price can vary based on various factors, including rarity. Lilac and grey bulldogs, given their uncommon nature, might be priced differently but always ensure the best value for quality.

Is the blue merle pattern exclusive to the lilac and grey bulldogs?

No, the blue merle English bulldog pattern can appear in various shades. However, when combined with lilac or grey, it gives an even more distinctive appearance.

How should I care for my lilac or grey English bulldog's coat?

The lilac or grey English bulldog coat doesn’t require any special treatment compared to other bulldogs. Regular brushing, occasional baths, and ensuring they stay dry in humid weather will keep their coat looking vibrant and healthy.