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Why choose us for your new family Bully?

When you choose BigBulldogs.com, you benefit from our decades of experience as well as our Bulldog expert Veterinarians. We test all of our parents & only select the highest quality for breeding to alleviate potential for blatant genetic issues in future offspring. A experienced representative will always be there to answer your questions and point you in the right direction for the life of your dog. Bulldogs can be health challenged and can cost you lots of unnecessary money & heart ache if you are unfamiliar with their needs or choose the wrong breeder. See More

  • BigBulldogs.com provides top quality French & English Bulldog’s for a lifetime of companionship.
  • We are located in Fallbrook, Calif, near Temecula, Calif. An hour North of San Diego.
  • We offer a (2) YEAR HEALTH WARRANTY, that is far beyond industry standards.
  • We do genetic testing to ensure the highest offspring.
  • Over 25 years experience
  • All of our puppies are fully registered, pure bred with (NO INBREEDING) and are adopted with a pedigree showing 3 generations of parental genealogy.
  • When our babies go to their new home, they are crate trained and have been taught to give lots of “Bully Kisses.”
  • All Bully Babies have been Vet checked and up-to-date on all shots and de-worming.
  • Unforeseen circumstances do occur in life. For any reason in the LIFETIME of your dog, if you are forced to surrender him/ her, we will gladly take them back and re home them.
  • We accept Visa, Master Card, Discover, Amex, Debit, Zelle & Cash.
  • We understand that there are many scams these days, and purchasing a Bully Baby can be stressful at best. To put your mind at ease, we are not a here today, gone tomorrow company. We receive calls almost daily of strangers who purchased a Baby Bully, have problems and the breeder refuses to return their calls. We will be available for your dogs entire life. And yes Bulldogs are a man made breed and can be Veterinary challenged. However, we will always do our best to advise and point you in the right direction for a lifetime of Bully care.
  • Customer Testimonies are always fun to hear. We’ve been at this a long time and literally have hundreds of testimonies. I think you’ll enjoy scrolling through them. Click above on TESTIMONIAL BLOG.
  • For more information on the Bulldog Puppies for sale at BigBulldogs.com call (760) 580-6084 or visit us at www.BigBulldogs.com. Also Visit us on FaceBook: www.facebook.com/bigbulldogs & instagram.com/bigbulldogsusa


French and English bulldog puppies – trust BigBulldogs

We do not view it as just another transaction when you bring one of these puppies into your life. It starts a beautiful, lifelong journey and a bond like no other. From the moment you say yes to your addition, we are committed to ensuring your new family member transitions smoothly into their new home. We will always be available to you for the life of your bulldog. We provide comprehensive advice on feeding, training, health, and general care. We aim to ensure that you are equipped with the knowledge and resources you need to raise a happy, healthy bulldog and make a smooth transition into adulthood. The bottom line is our commitment does not end when you bring your puppy home. We are here for you for the life of your dog. Your puppy’s welfare and your peace of mind are always our top priorities. 

The most rewarding part of this job is seeing our previous puppies grow into well-adjusted, champion pets, providing love and companionship to their new families. The smiles on the faces of new puppy parents, the excitement – there’s nothing quite like it. After 30 years in the business, the majority of our clients these days are repeat customers, which is a great compliment and a testament to their previous experience. Many of them remind us that throughout the life of their dog, we were always there to help, advise, and answer questions.  

I believe trust is the foundation of any successful relationship. With this in mind, our goal is to provide transparency and professionalism and exhibit a genuine love for what we do. This approach has helped us build lasting relationships with fellow bulldog enthusiasts, breeders, and new puppy parents. It’s not just about finding a puppy; it’s about finding the right companion for your family and lifestyle. We look forward to welcoming you into our community and helping you embark on this incredible journey. Once you have a bulldog, you will ALWAYS have a bulldog.  

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When you have a genuine love for what you do it’s easy to do a great job.