Customer Testimonies

Customer Testimonies

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“This was at the monthly bulldog meet up at Chrissy Field on San Fran bay on 21Feb. Thought you would want to see what a great dog Munson formerly Captain America is. Thanks for everything.”



“Todd,  We thank you so much for our little guy. He brings us happiness each and every day. We always remember you telling us that you don’t pick the dog but let them pick you. You were right! Deuce is the best dog we could have ever holed for. Would be hard to find another like him. You broke the mold with Deuce. Next month he turns 6. Here are some shots I think you will enjoy. We will be back one day to get another one.”

Thank again for always being there….



 “We love our Alvin from He’s such a poser. Thank you so much.”

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