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How does the Bulldog Rescue program work?

How does the Bulldog Rescue program work?

As most people know unforseen circumstances occur in life. These circumstances sometimes leave the most responsible dog owners in a position that they must give up their dogs. We believe that every breeder has a responsibility to take back their offspring should this situation arise. 

Here at, Inc. we don’t just stop there. We will Rescue any Bulldog that needs a home. 

Call “The BigBulldog” NOW if you’d like to meet any one of these pre-owned babies. Remember that with you never take a risk on a pre-owned Bully. Most rescues will not refund your money if things don’t work out. I think that is SO LAME…. If you have the heart to open your home up to one of these magnificent creatures, you have my personal guarantee that if for any reason within the first 7 days, if you feel that your new Bully isn’t more than you desired, you may bring he or she back in good condition for a full refund. We strive to ensure that both you and Bully are mutually happy with one another

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