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Dr. Pearson Reference

A letter from Dr. Pearson of San Marcos, CA



Pearson Animal Hospital

1903 W. San Marcos Blvd.. Suite 140
San Marcos.CA 92078

January 24,2 011

My name is Dr. Dorota Pearson, owner of Pearson Animal Hospital in San Marcos, CA.
I have been practicing veterinary medicine twenty one years.

Todd Howard of BigBulldogs.com, Inc. has been a client of mine for more than two years. .I solicited his business based upon his reputation as the top Bulldog breeder in the area. I have worked with countless breeders throughout the years, and many of those breeding only English Bulldogs .This is a very challenging breed, and these dogs require far more veterinary care than most other breeds. I frequent Todd’s facility and have yet to find a more conscientious breeder.
He spares no expense for the care of his dogs. He is by far the most knowledgeable Bulldog breeder I have worked with. He truly goes “above and beyond”  for each one of his clients. There have been countless occasions when Todd went so far as
to pay for procedures as the breeder, that were clearly no longer his responsibility but he went forward and covered them anyway.   I also truly admire his willingness to rescue unwanted or “problem” pets.  He will take on physical and financial responsibility to save these pets if there is any possibility to save them.

Todd Howard has a genuine love and respect for the Bulldog breed and I highly recommend him.

Dorota Pearson D.V.M.


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