Pet Food

I have tried many types of food throughout the years. I know the sales pitches regarding most, too much corn, too many byproducts, it goes on and on. I have landed on IAMS and have experienced good luck with it. The dogs like the taste, look good and have nice solid poops. How many of you know that solid poops are a Good Thang? I am sure there are many great foods out there and I am not here to discredit any of them. If you speak to 20 breeders, you may have 25 different opinions. Below is merely the way I choose to feed my Bullies.

When you take your Bully home from us, he is eating (IAMS ADULT) Mini Chunk. (GREEN BAG) Adult food has less protein therefore your pup will grow slower which is BETTER for your Bullies growth patterns. (See Hips & Joint Problems)

We feed our 8 week old pups 6-8 oz of dry kibble, 2 X daily approx 12 hour apart. If you notice the poop get soft and/or runny, skip a feeding. My adult English Bulldogs only eat 3 Cups (24oz) 1 X daily. My adult Frenchies eat 2 cups (16oz) 1X daily.

Use common sense when judging what amount to feed your dog. If he looks fat feed him less, if he looks skinny feed more.

Our Bulldogs are strong, athletic and healthy, as opposed to fat, lethargic and lazy. Each time I go to my vet I see many unhealthy overweight Bullies. Usually there are a minimum of 20 Bulldogs in the waiting room at any given time.

Remember, over feeding can be extremely hazardous. A Bulldog will eat until he is gorged if you allow him to. More Bulldog problems occur due to over feeding rather than underfeeding. Overfeeding also can cause soft or liquid stools. “Yuck”…. If Bully gets runny, skip his next feeding and see if it changes.

Since Adult food does not have the same amount of vitamins and minerals as puppy we recommend to supplement with a really good multiple vitamin. We use NuVet Labs (Nu Vet Plus and Nu Joint Plus.) See our products page for further information on ordering these Vitamins.

We do not claim to know everything, but we have done this a time or two.