DO NOT CHANGE BULLY’S FOOD. Most of the phone calls that I take within a week of someone taking their new puppy home, deals with soft/watery stools and most every time they have either change the food or added treats to his diet. I have tried many types of food throughout the years. I know the sales pitches regarding most, too much corn, too many byproducts, it goes on and on. I have landed on VICTOR HIGH PRO PLUS and have experienced good luck with it. The dogs like the taste, look good and have nice solid poops. How many of you know that solid poops are a Good Thang? I am sure there are many great foods out there and I am not here to discredit any of them. If you speak to 20 breeders, you may have 25 different opinions. Below is merely the way I choose to feed my Bullies. Also note that there is a lot of research that you can look up on how Grain Free foods can be detrimental to your Bulldogs heart health. 

When you take your Bully home from us, he is eating VICTOR HIGH PRO PLUS. (Purchase a or Tractor Supply)  Adult food will allow your puppy to grow slower which is BETTER for your Bullies growth patterns. (See Hips & Joint Problems)

Offer 12oz of food 2 times daily. I normally feed at 8am and again at 5pm. In the beginning if they don’t eat all of it just let them eat it next time. Keep available to them for at least an hour. Make sure Bullie has plenty to eat.  And obviously as they grow give them more. My adult 60 pound English Bulldogs typically eat about 24 ounces of kibble one time daily. And the French eat about half or more, depending on their weight. If they appear as they are starved every time you feed them it means you’re not feeding them enough.

SOAK FOOD with hot tap water for 15 minutes. Since baby Bullies have small tracheas, soft food is easier to clear if they aspirate. As they grow their trachea grows, so after 16 weeks of age you can stop soaking the food.

KEEP BULLIE CONFINED FOR 90 MINUTES AFTER EATING. Helps to prevent aspiration. When they get excited and play on a full stomach they have a tendency to regurgitate which can lead to aspiration. (Aspiration is when food is inhaled into the lungs and often turns to pneumonia.) This unfortunately is very common in young Bulldogs and can be very dangerous as well as expensive. Practice this for their entire life. Walking after eating is fine but not running and playing.

ORDER NU-VET PLUS VITAMINS: Most issues in Bulldogs, start from a compromised immune system. Nu- Vet Products are a strong multiple vitamins and joint support that helps to limit certain health issues. I think a Bulldog should take Nu Vet Plus and Nu Joint Plus for his entire life. It boosts his immune system and lubricates his joints. It’s also liver flavored so that it is kinda like a great for them. Start with 1/4 tab of each daily and increase dosage weekly until you get to manufacturers recommended dose located on bottle. You can follow this link to purchase. (Order Nu-Vet Vitamins by clicking here)

We do not claim to know everything, but we have done this a time or two.