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Male vs Female ? Which gender makes the best dog?

Question: I have heard many differing opinions of which gender is better in the English Bulldog breed. What is your opinion?

The BigBulldog: Better is a strong word. But finally someone asks the question that allows me to vindicate my gender. Why of course everyone knows that MALES are for sure make the best of everything. In fact every time you think of the phrase “TOP DAWG” what comes to mind? A female right? Not a chance . Sorry, once in a while I allow my chauvinism get the best of me. (just kidding)

Anyhow the question of which gender of a Bulldog makes a better pet is completely subjective. I do not believe the mannerisms, habits or drive of a Bulldog is at all indicitive of his or her gender. Many people are quick to give you their opinions, but often these opinions are based on their experience. Rarely do people have experience with more than a handfull of Bulldogs at best. If they have owned 5 Bulldogs over a 20 year period then the truth is, they have very little experience. 

When you choose a English Bulldog or a French Bulldog you should NOT make a decision based on the gender in my opinion. I tell every customer to allow the dog to choose them. Take your time, and never be in a rush to choose your new companion. When its the right fit, you will both know.