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How often should I clean my Bulldogs Wrinkles?

Every Bulldog book that I read says that I must clean Bully’s face wrinkles daily. How often do you think that I should clean my Bulldogs Wrinkles?

Each week at least 3 people will call or email me, stating that their Bully has a rash or infection in his facial creases and ask me what they should do about it.

I always ask the following question. Are you cleaning them properly? They always respond, yes every day just like I am supposed to.

You might know by reading through my site that I am not the most conventional follow the rules, do what everyone else does kind of guy. You might say that I’m sort of a Rebel. In fact I teach my 13 year old son if everyone is moving to the left, then you may strongly consider moving to the right. haha 

Therefore when I research and read, I only use the information that I obtain as a tool, not always the gospel truth as many people do. I know every Bulldog book in print says that you must clean Bully’s wrinkles daily to prevent an infection. This never made sense to me. When you clean Bully’s Wrinkles daily, you are actually wiping away Bully’s good bacteria from under his folds. This good bacteria is necessary in fighting off bad bacteria and infections. In my mind that was a recipe for disaster to which has proven to be correct.

In response to your question:
1. I have never once cleaned a Bulldogs Wrinkles other than when bathing.
2. I have never once had a Bulldog that had an infection between the wrinkles.

So you may ask, what do I do if I already have a problem.
1. Wash area with warm soapy water, rinse thoroughly and dry.
2. Apply Betadine on the effected area with a cotton ball, completely saturating the area.
3. Ask your Veterinarian to place Bully on an antibiotic called Cephalexin for 14 days.
4. One week later, re-apply the Betadine.
5. Leave it alone.

I know it sounds simple, but remember you don’t have to believe everything that you hear or read. Much false information comes from very nice well meaning people who are merely passing on false information that they believe is true. The content on my site is not meant to diagnose, treat or cure any health conditions. It is merely my opinions and many remedies that I have learned through my vast experience as a Bulldog breeder.  I hope this helps you.