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What are the philosophies of BigBulldogs.com?

Owned and operated by Todd Howard, BigBulldogs.com Inc. serves those who want to learn more about adopting and caring for a French or English Bulldog puppy. The company, which breeds puppies and offers the BigBulldogs.com Rescue Program, recommends people adopt Bulldogs when they are about three months old. While BigBulldogs.com will allow puppies to be adopted as early as eight weeks of age, these young puppies require an extreme level of attention and care to house train them and get them used to a daily routine. Generally, puppies of around three months old or older are easier to train and they tend to be less problematic from a health standpoint because their immune systems are stronger.

BigBulldogs.com takes every possible precaution to ensure that the dog and owner are a good match for each other. This level of quality assurance starts with owner education about the health risks of owning a bulldog, which include the possibility of conditions such as heat exhaustion, hip and joint issues, cherry eye and other issues arising over time. BigBulldogs.com offers its customers consultation and support for the entire life of their bulldog.
BigBulldogs.com acknowledges that the puppy’s Bulldog qualified veterinarian is best suited to treat the dog, but Todd Howard believes it is supremely important to give his customers comprehensive information on the proper way to care for their bulldog. His 25 years of experience in breeding dogs has translated into a wealth of knowledge on the best techniques and practices for day-to-day attention, care, and nurturing of these breeds. A complete list of puppies available for adoption through BigBulldogs.com can be found on the organization’s website at www.bigbulldogs.com.