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What’s the best age to bring home a new Bulldog pup?

Dear BigBulldog, Is it true that when you are introducing a new Bulldog puppy into the family it is best to get the youngest one that you can? (8 weeks old) Whats your opinion?

This is a question that I must answer 20 times every week and I think you will be surprised by my answer.

First, let me start by saying that typically Bulldogs are a pleasure at any age. It never fails, when one of our previous customers or another Bulldog owner must give up their Bulldog, within 2 hours of the previous owner leaving you would think Bully has been here his whole life. The standing joke is, BULLDOGS ARE THE LEAST LOYAL BREED THAT EXISTS. They are loyal to whoever feeds them, scratches their butt and doesn’t wake them when they snore too loudly. haha

The truth is, most people THINK they want a cute, tiny, cuddly, itsy, bitsy, squishy, rolly, pollie Bully. But once they get them, they often come to these realizations:

1. This is like having an infant. It requires ALL of my attention.
2. This baby is unable to be pottie trained unless I take them out every 1-2 hours around the clock because their colon and bladder is so tiny.
3. Whoever said that that a dog won’t poo or pee where they sleep is a liar.
4. My puppy is 80% more susceptible to upper respiratoiry infections than a 3-4 month old pup because their immune system hasn’t fully developed.
5. The basic dog obedience trainer says to wait until Bully is at least 4 months old to bring him to class.
6. Now Bully is spoiled and doesn’t know he’s a dog because he was so little and cute that I felt sorry for him sleeping alone, and now he has claimed ownership of my bed.
7.  I have to protect my baby Bully from my 3 year old son, so that my son doesn’t drop him on his head and hurt him.
8.  I do love my baby Bully, but maybe I should have listened to The BigBulldog and got one a month or two older.

Are you getting it yet??? In my opinion the best age to get a Bulldog Puppy is 3 plus months old. I know, you think that I’m crazy and all that you read states to get a tiny. itsy, bitsy………etc. 8 week old puppy to introduce into your family. (Which you are more than welcome to do.) But also remember that there is no difference in introducing a 3-4 month old Bulldog puppy to your kids than a 8 week old, AND the older pups training will be much faster and easier. 

As I stated before, typically Bulldogs are a pleasure at any age but in my opinion, there are many more positive advantages in getting a 3 month old plus puppy than a 8 week old infant.