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Spaying and Neutering your Bulldog.

Question: At what age should I have my Bulldog fixed? My Vet said that it was very important to have them fixed so that they don’t have a high cancer risk, but not to do it until he is at least 1 year old so that he grows to full size. Do you agree with this?

The BigBulldog: I have heard many Veterinarians state that altering the pet early in life will help prevent certain types of cancers, and the pet will live longer. I agree that if a male dog does not have his testicles then his chances of contracting testicular cancer goes to zero….. But then again if I have my liver removed, then you can bet 100% that I will not have liver cancer. Right? 

I do believe in spaying and neutering. It makes for a much better more peaceful/ calm less anxious pet. All of our dogs are sold as pets and we do not sell to breeders. However if you want to breed back within my organization, then I always guarantee to take the puppies and find them a home should the owner of the Mom Bulldog not be successful in doing so.

Years ago I was told the same thing regarding waiting until the dog was 1 year old so that he grows to his full size before getting him neutered. I assure you that this is one of those wives tales that has been passed from generation to generation and is entirely untrue. I have seen some of the biggest most muscular English Bulldogs and French Bulldogs that were neutered at 6 months as I recommend and other small lanky thin Bulldogs that was neutered at 1 year of age or more. The bottom line is genetics, not testicles.

In my opinion if you want a great dog, neuter or spay at 6 months. Its more important in Males to neuter at this age before he develops all of those embarrassingly disgusting male habits like humping your stuffed animals, lipstick display and lifting his leg and doing the pee pee dance everywhere.

Heck come to think of it, I would have been much better off if my parents had neutered me at 6 months old. How about you???