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English Bulldogs Are Prone To Heatstroke

Bulldog Heart Stroke

English Bulldogs are prone to heatstroke and can die within minutes.

These are a few ways to keep your British Bulldog, fat and happy as the summer temperatures soar.

We live in a climate of southern California where the average low winter temps fall to 30 F in the winter and climbs to the mid to upper 90’s in the summer. Many of our Bully’s prefer to live outside. They live, run and play over our acreage. These Bully’s are acclimated to the hot weather as well as the cold. The do not undergo extreme changes daily from an air conditioned environment to the hot yard. They remain consistent. Therefore they are able to regulate their metabolism and can withstand heat far greater than the average Bully. This is not true to the average spoiled, coddled, house dwelling Bulldog. They will not withstand the heat and will die if overly exposed.

  • BigBulldogs.com recommends that you have fresh cool water available to Bully at all times. ½ teaspoon of apple cider vinegar in his water will help to keep the phlegm levels down on really hot days.
  • BigBulldogs.com recommends the uses of common sense. If it is comfortable for you it is comfortable for him. If you are hot, he’s hotter. Typically 85 degrees F and above are considered hazardous to Bully.
  • BigBulldogs.com recommends that when its hot, if you are not home DON’T let him have free access to the yard. Bulldogs love the sun. He will sun bathe and overheat before he realizes it and you won’t be there to save him.
  • BigBulldogs.com recommends that you provide a cool shaded place inside with a fan blowing to circulate air in the room. Do not give him direct access to air condition vent blowing directly on him. This could cause him to get sick. Bully’s love cool floors.
  • If he needs to go outside – BigBulldogs.com recommends that you monitor him, don’t let him lay out in the sun and bring him straight back in again once he has gone potty. Spray him with cold water from a water bottle if necessary to keep his skin cool.
  • BigBulldogs.com recommends to NEVER leave your Bulldog in the car. It only takes 2 minutes for him to suffer heat exhaustion if the conditions are right.
  • BigBulldogs.com recommends that you never walk your Bully in Hot weather. Bulldogs often walk out but expect to be carried back. If you must, do it at times of the day that are comfortable. Also the roads can be very hot. Always place the backside of your hand in the road to test the heat. If it burns your hand, just think what it is doing to Bully’s feet.


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What to do if Bully is overheated?

Remember time is of the essence, but you must Remain Calm. Bully gets excited when you get excited. The more excited he gets, causes his throat to close up and become more restrictive. Pet him and speak to him calmly.

  • BigBulldogs.com recommends that you DON’T force an overheating dog to drink water. Offer the water, but if refused don’t force the issue. You may use a syringe or a water bottle with a squeeze cap to place water, Gatorade or a glucose (sugar) solution in his mouth, but DO NOT SQUIRT IT DOWN HIS THROAT. He could suck it down the wrong tube, get it into his lungs and choke to death. He must lick it. Place it in the corner of his mouth/ on his tongue and ensure that he licks it.
  • Panting is a good thing. This is how they release body heat. However if he has that abnormal roaring sound like he is having an asthma attack then you should assume that he is overheating and you must cool him down fast.
  • BigBulldogs.com recommends keeping on hand a couple bottles of Isopropyl Alcohol. Should overheating occur, pour over Bully’s back to saturate his whole body. The alcohol will cool him down fast. (DO NOT GET INTO EYES.) I once got alcohol into my eyes and it burns worse than fire. 
  • If possible, stand him in a tub of cold water and pour/ shower the cold water over his body, especially his head until his breathing is much calmer. Dogs expell heat from their foot pads, therefore standing him in cool water will enhance overall cooling. 
  • You should keep a 60 ml syringe on hand. A 60 ml cold water enema can assist in getting his temp down as well. This actually works great.
  • If you cannot calm the dog in the bath GO STRAIGHT TO THE VET!!!! Keep him as cool as possible on the trip. Apply wet towels, ice packs, put ice in a plastic bag, frozen veggies or whatever is necessary. If you have air conditioning in your car, keep it on high directly on Bully.

BigBulldogs.com wants you the enjoy the summertime with your Bully. Please therefore take the necessary precautions so that he will be around for you to take snowboarding this winter as well.

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