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English Bulldogs are considered to be quite unusual and adored for their squishy face and quirky personality. In the US, the English bulldog is the top most desired family breed with ever-growing world wide popularity. These bulldogs are hilarious, gentle, animal-friendly, kid-friendly, loving and cuddly with unforgettable swag. Keep reading this article to get to know the distinct personality traits, history, healthcare requirements, physical characteristics, and much more. 

Appearance – English bulldog physical characteristics

English bulldogs are short legged medium size dogs with massive square heads and broad shoulders. Their skin is loose with heavy wrinkles accompanied by deep set of sometimes droopy eyes, sagging jowls and rose shaped ears. They have meaty lips that camouflage their signature underbite. Their fur is short and smooth with distinct colors like red, white, fawn, brindle, black, blue, chocolate, lilac and merle. 

The tails of Bulldogs Puppies come in many shapes and sizes and are not cropped. They can range from zero to eight inches and can be straight, twisted or corkscrewed.  They should be thick at the base tapering to a small tip. The more tightly wound and inset the tail, the more maintenance it is likely to require. 

Personality Traits & Behavior

Bulldog Puppies have a sweet, gentle, calm, and predictable temperament. They are people oriented attention seekers and super playful around the kids too. Simply put, they are great family dogs that get along with both family members and other pets. They are great as watchdogs too and can be very protective of the ones they love. Pound for pound English bulldogs are one of the strongest breeds. 

Living Needs – what does an English Bulldog need?

Bulldogs desire to be with their human family all the time. They are a laid back low energy “brachycephalic breed” that are prone to breathing difficulty. Brachycephalic means short-head. This means the head, nose and throat of an English bulldog are shaped in a way that makes them much less tolerant to heat and exercise than other breeds.  Therefore they require a more stable temperature controlled environment. They can overheat very easily if they get too hot or too excited.

Heat exhaustion can be detrimental to a bulldog and many die every year from this preventable condition. They won’t demand a huge yard to run or play. The breed doesn’t bark a lot like the other variety of dogs nor do they require daily walks. However, their appearance is frightening when it comes to protecting their loved ones. Since they prefer a relaxed lifestyle and don’t like to exercise much, it is imperative to feed them with the highest quality of food and veer away from table scraps seeing that bulldogs have a tendency to become overweight if they are overfed. 


The bulldog is a great pet and can be easily adjusted to surrounding vibes. They are much-liked by the kids too because of their playful nature. These dogs are human-friendly and crave human care and attention more than their food. Once you have an English bulldog, you will ALWAYS have an English bulldog.

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