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Fun facts about English Bulldogs

The English Bulldog is not just one of the most popular dog breeds; it’s also the mascot of multiple schools, sports teams, and even the U.S. Marine Corps! Despite all of this popularity, there are still plenty of fun facts about English Bulldogs that you may not know about! For those who are familiar with the English Bulldog, these facts will be nothing new. But for those who are yet to adopt one of these wonderful dogs, we present you with eight jaw-dropping fun facts. 

Who doesn’t love a bulldog, especially one that you can carry around by its ear? Bulldogs are known for their stout physique and typically scrunched-up faces. There are several professional teams that have adopted bulldogs as their mascot. Also, many colleges and universities have English Bulldogs as their official mascots. Cute, eh?

English Bulldogs were named after a sport

The breed was actually named after an old English sport called bull baiting. Eventually, Bull-baiting fell out of favor, but by then, people had taken a liking to these tough & aggressive dogs that were being bred for such an event. The name was then carried over to the dog we know today! 


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Breaking the records for Skateboarding

An English bulldog named Tillman created a world record and was listed in the Guinness Book of World Records for skateboarding the fastest 100 meters. Another bulldog named Otto has raised the bar by traveling the longest human tunnel on a skateboard. We wonder what they are going to do next!

National Breed of England

Not only is the English Bulldog a British breed, but it was also named the national dog of England. This breed has quite a history in England. There are many writings about them dating back to 1634, and they’ve even been used as guard dogs! There are rumors that President Theodore Roosevelt owned a purebred bulldog. No matter what kind of dog you end up getting, if it’s an English Bulldog, consider yourself lucky.

The secret behind the wrinkles of English Bulldogs

It is the wrinkles that add a touch of cuteness to the overall personality of English Bulldogs. Though the wrinkled skin makes them look like little balls of fun, it actually serves a different purpose. It is these wrinkles that helped Bulldogs protect themselves during bull baiting. Further, the wrinkles protect their vital organs and hence, they were able to more adequately defend themselves. 

Owned by Famous Personalities

As one of America’s most loved breeds, it comes as no surprise that many celebrities own these adorable bulldogs. Well-known personalities like Calvin Coolidge and Warren Harding have owned English Bulldogs. Also, popular actor Adam Sandler made his dog the best man at his wedding. After all, what could be more beautiful than seeing your best friend walking down an aisle with you? 


The English Bulldog is undoubtedly the most loving and adorable poochie you can come across.  These wrinkly-faced bulldogs can become your companion in no time. Get your favorite English Bulldog from We hold our expertise in finding the perfect English Bulldog for you.

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